Girls learning, leading, succeeding


Experimentation. Exploration. Creativity.  Dana Hall’s visual artists are sensitive observers of themselves and the world around them.
In the Upper School, courses in architecture, art history, ceramics, design, drawing, painting, photography and digital film making expose students to innovative work from many different cultures and help them develop skills in visual language and creative exploration. Middle School students engage in art-making experiences that emphasize careful observation, critical thinking, and self-expression through a variety of media and art forms including drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking and paper-mache.

Courses are taught at the beginning through to advanced levels, including AP Art 历史 and AP Studio Art, offering strong sequences for portfolio preparation and college admission.

When they’re not in the studio, student artists can access local museums, attend lectures by visiting artists or tour exhibits in Dana Hall’s own 美术馆. Student artwork is exhibited and celebrated throughout the school on an ongoing basis.



  • MFA项目

  • 表演艺术

  • 西方文明



  • 安妮

    "Performing in plays and musicals is something I never imagined myself doing before coming to Dana. It is definitely out of my comfort zone, and I have learned so much from my peers and from the talented and committed teachers. I have grown to love my moments on stage and really share my passion with everyone else."