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          Fall Varsity Sports Awards 和 Wrap Up

          Dana Hall’s fall athletic teams wrapped up their seasons this month.
          队打排球 went 16-4 overall (9-1 in the EIL), earning them the title of EIL regular season champions. 该 team came in 2nd place in the EIL Tournament.
          所有nepsac奖: 一。奥伦特'20
          EIL所有联赛: 奥伦特, 温度。王'22克斯特拉坎'21
          EIL Honorable Mention: 秒。煮'22湖萨格尔'21
          Most Valuable Player: 奥伦特
          金龙奖: 厨师
          教练奖: 我。戈德堡'21
          年度新秀: 湖米哈雷斯'23
          最真实的奖励: 河罗伯茨'20
          这一季, VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY took 2nd place in the EIL regular season with an 8-7 overall/7-7 league record. 该y finished 11th in the EIL Championships. Head Coach Brian 厨师 was awarded the 2019 EIL Coach of the Year Award.
          所有nepsac奖: 一。 Sibold '20
          EIL所有联赛: Sibold, 即霍金斯'20秒。 Gilfeather '20
          EIL Honorable Mention: 学家杜'23 一。赖特'21
          Most Valuable Player: Sibold
          金龙奖: Gilfeather
          Most Improved Runner: 米麦克劳克林'23
          大学足球队 ended its season 6-9-2, going 6-4-2 in the league. 该 team was 3rd place in the EIL regular season 和 came in 3rd in the EIL Tournament.
          All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: ķ。波塞特'21
          EIL所有联赛: 波塞特, 湖Seidner '20C。布雷斯林'20
          EIL Honorable Mention: 河亨德里克斯'21湖科普兰'20
          Most Valuable Player: ķ。波塞特
          金龙奖: 亨德里克斯
          VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY team came in 7th in the EIL regular season with a 6-10 record (3-7 in the league).
          All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: 米德安杰洛'21
          Most Valuable Player: 一种。里根'21
          金龙奖: 湖Gilfeather '20
          教练奖: 克Tuckett '21
          EIL所有联赛: 里根德安杰洛
          EIL Honorable Mention: 一。 Kurtin '21
            • 队打排球

            • Varsity Cross Country

            • 大学足球队

            • Varsity Field Hockey


          • 游泳中心

            Favorite Place on Campus
          • Singing the Alma Mater

            Favorite Dana Hall Memory
          • Western Civilization



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