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Staying Connected Through Learning

This summer, Dana Hall is hosting a series of courses for new and returning students: the 夏季浓缩系列. From topics like graph theory and leadership strengths to Shakespearean tragedies and Blackness in film, the 夏季浓缩系列 @ Dana Hall is designed to:
  • Emphasize the skills important to the intellectual and social-emotional development of young women
  • Provide the opportunity for summer engagement for 达纳霍尔学校 students during closure of other opportunities
  • Continue to connect Dana Hall students with familiar routines
  • Acquaint new and returning students with each other and faculty members
  • Facilitate connection with peers across grade levels
Courses are offered for four grade-level cohorts—grades 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10 and 11 & 12—and are running for five weeks from July 6-August 7. They are offered via Zoom in either a single-session course or a one-week course that meets three times.
This new enrichment series was created because we “wanted to be responsive to the needs of our students, even in the summer,” said Academic Dean Nia Jacobs. “Given the uncertainties of the past spring that we knew would continue into this summer, we wanted to provide students and families with something on which they could rely: the knowledge that Dana Hall faculty are dedicated to the intellectual and social-emotional development of their daughters, and that dedication doesn't end in June.”

Social Studies Department Head Brian Cook is offering two classes this summer: In 搜索 of the Trojan War for grades 8-9 and Behavioral Economics for grades 11-12. He spoke to the importance of the 夏季浓缩系列 in that it “supports both students and families during a difficult time, helping to remind families that their ‘Dana family’ is here for them,” he said. It also “allows teachers to continue to develop the technological and pedagogical skills needed for online teaching,” Cook said.


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  • 玛雅

    "My favorite Dana Hall memory would be the first time I ever sang the Alma Mater with my fellow classmates. That was most definitely the first time I felt like I was truly a part of something. Joining hands with my future Silver Sisters made me truly feel like I was a Dana girl."